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Shelby American 8.8" Axle Cover Installed

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I had some warranty work done to the differential of my car and while they were under there I asked them to install my new cover. The dealership was happy to do this without charging me any additonal cost. They said if a cover came off then it's no big deal to install a new one. This was purchaced during the last sale. -Kevin





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I've been thinking about a new cover.

Which ones will or won't work with a Fays2 Watt's Link?


I like the Shelby and FRPP, and also the new GT500 one is rumored to be cool...



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What was the warranty work you had done?


The rear bearings and gears were replaced. They were making noise at low speeds. It was making a metal on metal noise when I was off the gas. I took the service tech for a ride and he agreed a replacement was needed. It's been noise free since the work has been complete. I am now just driving it around to get a few more miles on it then change the rear fluid again. My car had only slightly over 5K miles. The car was purchaced a year old never registered so it was still under warranty. I liked the way the cover looked and the function it is supposed to serve. I still need to replace the upper control arm and paint the rear. -Kevin

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