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Twin Baby boys

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I am sorry I know this does not go here but I have to share the news. My wife and I have been trying for kids for 6 years with no luck we tried fertility and went through adoption only for the girl to back out on us. Well we found out last week we were picked by a birth Mother in Colorado to adoopt her twin boys and they were born on Thursday so we will get them as infants. We fly to Colorado Springs tomorrow to meet the birth Mother and see our new gifts from God. After 6 years I feel as if God has said I know you waited and since you did I am blessing you x 2. They have to stay in the hospital until next month because they were born early but they are healthy and our babies. We are so happy I cant even tell you. I am sorry to post this here but I knew here people would read it and I just want to share my blessings.

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