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LS Style rear seat delete and x-brace?


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Was staring at a LS interior over the weekend and since the Shelby Recaro topic came up:


Has SPP considered offering a Boss LS style rear seat delete and x-brace kit?


(Think of the Shelby signature and labeling opportunites on all that space :) )


me too its on "my to do" list but i would also like to see what SSP might come up with

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Has Ford offered the brace for sale?


For what it is worth, a discussion in another forum basically concluded that all the Boss unique parts are now in Fords part catalogs, as expected in a production vehicle that has been out for a couple months. But both the seats and braces are un-obtainable as the suppliers are having trouble meeting Fords new car Boss production demands. It isn't at all clear that Ford Racing Parts will ever bundle the brace and trim as a kit.


I'd be interested in an update if someone has recently tried to track down the parts directly from Ford.

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