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Frank S

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Not really a Shelby topic, except that Fjr racers are as dedicated as anyone anywhere, and there are a lot of Team Shelby eyes in Texas:


From the FJHRA:


Stanguellini # OO196 was stolen sometime in the early morning hours of August 7th. The car and the tow truck/trailer were stolen in San Antonio Texas. If somehow, anyone is offered the car or Stanguellini parts, please contact Kermit O’Neal immediately, and please copy us at FJHRA <formulajunior@gmail.com>, so we can help keep track of any leads


001 (210) 828-5511 Tel.


001 (210) 316-7138 Cell


Email: bmwasc@aol.com


Likely it will be a little red cigar-shaped car with a less-than-one-liter engine. I'd bet there is a good chance it was stolen for the truck and trailer and the thief has no idea what the red thing is.




Number on this car is likely different.

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