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Going aftermarket on clutch today..somewhere


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Dealer Hub City Ford Lafayette said 3500 to replace clutch

I showed them the tsb deal

car still on rack 2 weeks standing by

Ford calls em back supposedly and says tough luck.

Started slipping at 15000 thought it might just be the tires letting loose

22k now original tires with wear left, original brake pads

for 6oo bucks they will put in a spec twin disk if I buy it another 100 bucks to install short throw shifter

Just talked to Breax Bridge transmission and I beleive i am going to have fthem pick it up and do the swap

The dealer isn't gunna put another scratch on my car again

Super twin SFG5PT or RAM Model: 90-2220?

And am looking for a short throw shifter and cool knob to go with it

looking for advice



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The transmission shop won't put it back together if the dealer took it apart. The RXT was accidentally shipped ground so another was sent next day.

I am going to have to send one back now. I brought all the parts to the dealer and it looks like they are going to put it back together with the new parts.

RXT, KR shifter, Black Ford Racing stick and ball. Around 2500 bucks for tear down Parts and install. Better than the first quote of $3500 to $4000 when first brought it in

thinking TSB. Hope they do a good job...

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I went with the Mcleod RXT and the MGW shifter and installed them myself. So much better than stock! When you see the stock up against the Mcleod, you'll wonder why Ford went with such a whimpy clutch.



Nice shifter but ONLY $350.00 (plus shipping and handling) with Obomanomics and the current ban on drilling for our own oil I am on a budget and am pushing it with trying to get the dealer to install the stuff as it is.

The Ford Racing Box gave them a little confidence.

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