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Havent posted in a long time

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I haven’t posted in quite a while. The reason is I have had a very bad year physically. I had a case of shingles, eye surgery; a cancer tumor removed and knee replacement all in less than two months. I went into in-patient rehab for my knee for 30 days and was doing exceptionally well. Upon returning home I started walking a half a mile each mooring (I was planning to work up to two miles in a month or two). After being home for just one week I suddenly started falling, losing my balance. I was put back into the hospital, within a week I lost all feeling in my legs, hand and arms. I was losing more each day, It took a month of testing and working with the Doctors and physical therapist before they determined I had contracted Guillain -Barre Syndrome. I was transferred to another rehab facility while going to the hospital as an outpatient for IV therapy. I have had a remarkable recovery! I have regained the use of my facilities; I still use a walker (still having trouble with my balance). When I returned home I made a hard decision, I had to trade in the Shelby I didn’t know if I was going to have to use a wheelchair or a walker or for how long. As I regain my strength and balance I will get a new Shelby GT500, but for now the new flex will have to do. Good luck to you all; I will follow you at the show s and on the net.



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