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89 CSX-VNT #212 for sale

CSX-VNT #414

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post-11314-0-74158900-1311781705_thumb.jpg 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT #212 - $3200 OBO


Posting this here since it is Shelby CSX specific.


Description: Up for sale is my 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT #212. I picked this up back in April and had all intentions of putting it on the road and selling my Neon R/T. However, since picking up an all original one last week, I have lost interest in dedicating time towards #212 as all of my interest now is geared towards polishing up the original one and continuing work on one I've been restoring. I've done a lot with #212 since bringing it home, and am simply looking to get back what I have invested. I cannot deliver, as my truck is currently in the shop getting a new drag link, tie rod ends, and steering box. I would say this can be driven to its destination, but I have only driven it around my small town back and forth to my garage. It has done fine in that regard, but I never had it plated or inspected to go any farther. I had it insured and was ready to get a plate, but then this original one came up for sale and that took over being my primary focus.



Overall, the car, IMHO, is perfect for someone seeking one of these that needs a little bit of work to be perfect. It runs terrific, as it currently has 117k on the odometer. It is equipped with a new VNT Turbo that the previous owner paid a shop to install within the last 2,000 miles. It is also equipped with a Cliff Ramsdell a555 transmission which was installed around 85k. I installed new brake hoses on the front as well as new pads. I had to use #414's factory vacuum harness on this car to get it running correctly as the original harness had missing lines. Jackson assisted me over the phone in getting all of these hooked up. The car has a solid bobble strut and 2.5" exhaust as well. Also has blue Magnecor wires. Just gave it a full Mobil 1 5x30 oil change last month as well (with Mobil 1 filter). The original hatch was rusted out but I managed to find a red one that had very very minimal surface rust on it at a local yard (did not have a spoiler, either) so I purchased it and installed it. I did not re-install the CSX spoiler or fourth brake light, as I was planning on leaving it spoilerless since it has a pretty cool appearance actually. I redid a new headliner for it, and Bissell'd the seats and door panels, all of which needed it badly. Sanded and buffed the headlights and brought them back to looking like new again, too. I cleaned out leaves and other debris from under the cowl as well as in the frame holes on both pass. and driver's sides as they were full. Replaced the "strawberry basket" shield above the heater box hole with a better one I had. I repainted the window trim on both sides as well as the new hatch, in addition to the windshield wipers and antenna. Also repainting the rear bumper molding. Planned on doing all moldings but didn't get around to doing so. All Shelby items intact including all four fiberides (one is missing a centercap though). I also have most but not all of the build sheet that was found under the rear passenger carpet!!! One of the original fiberides (front passenger) broke off on me while I was test driving this but I have replaced it with a spare I located and bought. No structural damage was done to the car when this took place as I was at a low speed when this occurred. Even the side ground effect remained in the same condition (it was cracked beforehand). This is the reason I changed the front brake hoses and pads, as the pass. side had collapsed causing the caliper to lock up and create so much heat that the original fiberide's backside shredded and shot off right over the lugs. I put a spare caliper and rotar on that I had so now brakes are in good working order! Lastly, it has LIKE NEW tires on all four corners as the P.O. had just installed brand new tires.


What needs done:

The baro sensor is unplugged currently. The car runs perfect in this fashion, idling smooth and all. I do not have any spare baro sensors to try, however, as I think the one in the car is bad. When plugged in, car becomes sluggish around 2000 RPMs. When unplugged, car shows 15 PSI boost and picks up great, considering the new turbo


The driver's floor (e-brake area) as well as lower driver's rear quarter (behind bumper cover) need patches welded/epoxied in. The driver's side does have a few misc. dime size holes but those are easy patches. The rear drivers has a quarter size hole. Apparently, while this car was parked where it had been, water leaked down the driver's firewall and sat there. As mentioned above, I've since cleaned out a ton of debris that caused water to back up instead of drain so that problem is fixed. Now these holes just need patched. I was going to do this, but have just lost the time and with summer closing to an end I won't have the time to do so. Shouldn't be hard fixes at all though, especially if you use the epoxy stuff out there nowadays. From experience, my brother used it on his Turbo Z and it is honestly so much easier and stronger than welding it's ridiculous. Upon purchasing this, it looked solid from underneath except for the driver's quarter. It wasn't until I got it home and took out the interior to clean it that I found the e-brake area rust.


The e-brake does not work so new cables will be a must.


The rear speakers and overhead dome light need their appropriate connectors, as they were cut by a previous owner.


The hood has rust on the lip, so I was planning on getting another one but just had not found one yet. I'd replace it, but putting a bra over it would be just as good of a fix too lol....


Carpet will need reinstalled. Interior is currently put back together otherwise simply so potential buyer's can see that the remaining condition of the floorpans.


The rad. support VIN tags are MIA. You can thank Chrysler for not painting the back sides of them causing them to rust away. I've seen pics. of other 89s where these are missing as well and the people that have redone them have filled in the screw holes and you can't even tell they should have been there.


I'm hoping to do it ASAP, but the carpet will need shampooed/pressure washed if I don't get to it. It's dirty.


This car was a daily driver, so it has a few bumps (i.e. door dings, slight paint fade spots on back of roof).


The passenger side and rear air dam will need some fiberglass work to be more stable. In terms of the rear air dam, P.O. backed into something and a piece broke off. He kept 90% of the piece but a small chunk was not recovered and given to me when Ipurchased this. The important thing to note though is that the factory air dam is there! The front air dam is MIA of course but has been replaced with a 87-88 style by a previous owner and was painted to match the car.



In reality, I wish A) I didn't have to part ways with this first and foremost, and B) since I do have to, I kinda wish this car was in terrible shape so I could part it out as it would be great for using parts to fix up me and Pat's. However, it's in too nice of shape to do that to it and I want to see this go to an appreciative home. If I could, I would just keep it and let it sit, but our township is cracking down on unplated vehicles sitting in driveways. I had this on insurance for two months as I was preparing it to hit the road again, but as I said, this original one came along and I was searching for it for a long time, so #212 has to go. Great project overall, or a daily driver, whatever. I just want it to live another day with someone who will care about it. I unfortunately have a lot invested in this and cannot take that much more of a loss on it. To find one of these that already runs and drives perfect and just needs two patches is a rarity. Clean title too by the way, in my name of course. Feel free to PM or email me with return contact info for you in case I can't get right back to you. I appreciate your time, so please appreciate mine and don't tire kick or anything of the sort. If you're interested, great, if not, thank you for looking anyways. More pics available upon request, just let me know. It's always better to see something like this in person though so please contact me and we'll set up a meeting.



*** The side GFX were removed in order to dolly this home (my fenders and ramps on the dolly would have hit the GFX and I did not want to damage them, and in the case of the passenger side, damage it further).


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