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Shelby GT640 (Golden Snake)


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Yeah,I have.However, a Shelby spokesperson (management) commented:



Shelby does not manufacturer a "Golden Snake GT640". It appears to be a Shelby GT500, but the "Golden Snake" is a tuner addition. It should be noted that anything representing itself as a "Shelby ******" is a misrepresentation, violation and infringement of our trademark.

Geiger is just a tuner co. from EU.I don't think they've obtained the required rights to tune a Shelby like this,officially speaking.

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GEIGER is an importer and tuner of US-Cars in Munich/Germany, just half an hour from my home and I know him well. His predominant business is the Corvette as he might be the biggest importer in Europe for this and really very well-known. The GT500 is more a side product. GEIGER is not without controversy: he's doing very successful business, but especially this GT640 didn't find consumer acceptance till yet. It's more just another GEIGER showcar to attract attention.


By the way: there is no need of obtaining any rights to tune and to signify a GT500 to whatever, except "Supersnake" or something, bhe marketing idea of the GT640 in my opinion was too uninspired: just fixing the GT500 with a 2.6 pulley and a good tune, colour it gold and call it "GT640"? Ridiculous!


In our European Shelbyforum with about 100 members per minimum the half of them do have the same upgrade, some much much more up to 900 HP. But nobody got the idea to call his car a "GT700" or something. That's absurd...



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They've reduced the hp or whatever and claim to have built it more like a sportscar.They, now, don't weigh the mustang in terms of hp (as traditionally they are weighed), but provide its specs stressing on 0-60 in so-and-so secs and top speed blah..blah..blah!

Total bastards.

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