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Wounded Warriors Shelby in Tallahassee

David Hawkins

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It was super cool. It's a shame that I was the only one from Tallahassee to be there. 4 Shelby GT 500's, a Mustang GT and a Mustang GT/CS cruised over from Panama City.


Thank you to Our Military.

Thank you to Col.John Folsom

Thank you to Tallahassee Ford

Thank you to Bay Mustang Club.


The last Photo is of the Members of the Bay Mustang Club.

Wounded Worrior Shelby 2.jpg

Wounded Worrior Shelby 3.jpg

Wounded Worrior Shelby 4.jpg

Wounded Worrior Shelby 1.jpg

Wounded Worrior Shelby 5.jpg

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