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Quantum Performance / Shelby Mod Shop Closed


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That's a hard one....I can only tell you what I know to be true. C & S built the 67 Terlingua to go with the new ones a couple of years ago but Shelby decided not to move forward with that project. We were in the running to be the Mod Shop in the beginning but from what I heard Quantum dazzled them with their presentation so much that it became the model that Shelby wanted. Who could blaim them, while I was there we had the best of everything in all brand new facilities. They just could not maintain the business needed to keep it going.


Now I'm guessing with the economy the way it is Shelby may be happy with things the way they are since they have opened their own Performance Center to go along with their own Mod Shop. I have not seen any pre title cars going to Shelby from Ford so that may be over as well. All I can offer now is what we can do here. We do everything here in house except upholstery. We can service any Shelby for anything as our owner, Rob Camp, was a Senior Master before he left Ford. His son is Ford and SVT certified so we have Fords covered. We work on all makes and models but seem to have more Fords around than anything else. If you mess them up we can even repair and paint them as we also have a Master Certified Painter on staff. Not only can we service all your Hot Rods but your daily driver as well by people that are themselves gearheads. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Be well,


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