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Pypes customer service is excellent, there fast delivery is going to allow me to get my car back...


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...from the body shop.


In the earlier thread it was damaged from a rear end accident that also bent both mid pipes. Apparently from Ford these are on back order, and the code kept showing indefinite. Body shop mgr also has a GT sitting in his shop so far 4 weeks with no parts.

The only over the axle pipes I could find with a quick search was pypes, a quick call and they were on there way to the shop. Showed up next day (today) and the dealer said the fitment was excellent.


He is going to tell that customer about pypes. So with all of this my car should be ready Thursday, Friday morning latest. I have already taken off work on Friday to go over the car slowly and carefully.


(oops just noticed topic their instead of there...)



DB 2010 GT500 Black w/ Silver Stripes

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