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Todd at Baer brakes passed away

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I am very saddened by the news that Todd at Baer Brakes passed away this weekend of a heart attack. At Tulsa this year Todd drove his golf cart up to me and said "Chad, how are those slotted rotors working out for you" I said" Todd they are actually working really well". he smiled and said "Good, I am glad" we chatted for a few more minutes and then he went to go deliver some brake parts down to the shop for Warrens GT350.


I just got off the phone with Baer brakes to see about ordering some more slotted rotors and asked if I could speak with Todd and the sales rep said he longer is with us. I asked what happend and he said he had a heart attack over the weekend.


I am very grateful that Todd took the time to speak with me and was concerned how well my brakes were working. I have a couple photos of him from the bash here is one of them.





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Seems like another of the irreplaceable losses. I'm very sad.


Also another reminder that for most heart attack victims, sudden death is the first symptom of heart disease.


Sincere sympathy for family and friends.


Frank S

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Roger couldn't have said it better. Our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.



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Todd was a geniune person and truely was passionate about the happiness of his customers. I met Todd three years ago in Tulsa 09 when I had a little issue with my drilled and slotted rotors, he mentioned that on the track I should be using slotted only rotors which he sold me at a very good discount, since then he had made a point to speak to me every time he would see me. Once he educated me on which rotors would be best suited for track use and which track pads to use I became much faster and more efficient on the track, I feel very privileged to have met him and to have learned a few things about brakes from him and most importantly he showed me what excellent customer is.


Prayers for his family and friends. He will be missed

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