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Help Simplify for me - Exhaust, Headers, Cat Back, Axle Back,raspy, drone, and so on....


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I have found some really good threads here and elsewhere related to all that is exhaust. The more I read, the more choices I see ---- and it's somewhat overwhelming. What I'd really love(besides online video and sound threads) is to hear and see some of the setups......but that will be nearly impossible. Part of me just wants to leave it stock as is due to very low mileage(7800) and it sounds pretty darn good already.....


But the "modify it" side of me is winning and I've always wanted headers....


So, in a few words, looking for some simple exhaust recommendations for my unmodified 2007 Shelby GT in the categories of:


1. Headers and exhaust options?


2. Axlebacks on stock manifolds?


So far, I've narrowed headers down to Kooks.


Have had a good solid recommendation for Kooks Long Tubes plus MagnaFlows as a good balance...... Somewhat pricey on the Kooks(but worth it) plus I'll need a tune?


I know there have been a ton of threads on this but looking for some good feedback and advice for this vehicle. And,I know there are the "it just depends on what YOU want and like...." type feedback too.....


Many thanks in advance for helping me simplify this.......

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