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Changing front pads?

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So, I jumped in this afternoon and attempted to change brake pad all the way around on my 07 GT 500. I'm used to just pushing the pistons back in the calipers with a large C clamp, but found the rear pistons screw back in. By the time I had found the right tool to do the job and got the rears changed, I'm thinking the fronts aren't going to be a problem....... Except that I've never dealt with the Brembo brakes. Is there an easy button for that? Is there an online guide to changing these pads? Something I read said the calipers don't have to be removed.....but in my inexperience, I just don't know! And now, I'm sweaty, dirty, tired and hungry.........




Never mind, I found it! SVT forum......I was making it much harder than necessary. I should have realized these are designed as quick-change brakes!


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I agree 100%. I just finished doing the brakes on my 08. I unfortunately had the "cube" tool and it was worthless, infact I threw it in the trash and barrowed the correct tool from my son-in-law who is a auto mechanic. Rears were a PITA, fronts very easy!


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