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2008 GT500 New Tire Options - New Wheels Too


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It is almost time to replace the rear tires on my 2008 GT500. I have the 605 hp FR Superpak and I'm very unhappy with the stock Goodyear tires. They break loose way too easy in first and second gears. I see that my options for the stock 18" wheels are very limited. The Nito NT555 Extreme ZR tires look like an option and I've heard good things about them on this board. I wonder about the NT555 Extreme Drag and how they perform in the rain.


Should I consider increasing my options and performance by installing new wheels? If I go with new wheels do I have to modify the suspension?


I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has done tire/wheel upgrades on their GT500 with 18" factory wheels.


Mark Georgen

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Hi Mark and welcome.


I have posted this point before but it was some time ago. Not breaking your tires loose is more a function of modulating the throttle and clutch than the tires. You will never find tires that will prevent you from breaking loose if you put more power to the ground than the tires can deal with. And those with HP levels like yours have an even bigger problem. Making HP usable is the trick. Us old guys learned this back in the 60's when our tires were hopelessly narrow (what did we know?) for the HP we were putting down. If you practice enough, you will be able to launch without spinning and be able to put down all your HP to the pavement after a modest distance and not drive yourself crazy trying to find that mythical tire that stop a car with monster power like yours from spinning its tires. Good luck.



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