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If You Live In Minot North Dakota......

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There is record (all time) flooding in Minot ND. I feel so bad for any of you that live there. Hopefully you have your Shelby on higher ground by now!!?


The all time record was like a 9' crest They are expecting 15 FEET! It's almost like a slow moving tsunami?




This begs the question, of which I've been wanting to ask on it's own thread. What is happening to all of the insurance companies in the world?? What with Japan, the tornados in the Midwest, all the 'other' earthquakes and flooding?

I remember after 911, it made the news. The insurance companies were going to feel it in the pocketbook. However...these other issues piled on one another, have to be stressing the system?

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Slowly heading our way here in Missouri. This will be tragic.


Yeah...I've been watching on CNN, and I don't think they are getting across the severity of this? This is more than 'hundred year flooding' here!


Like Michael has said...my prayers to all of you that are, OR will be affected by this in the coming days. :fear:

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I know Kahman is from there and he has family there. I feel so sorry for all those affected by this.


The insurance companies have made trillions in the past now its time for them to pay up.


I bet most of those people in Minot probably do not have flood insurance so they will be royally screwed.

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