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Thinking about blue valve covers


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I like them, and think they look great, but....


They are supposed to be a gigantic PAIN IN THE :censored: to install.


If you are doing it yourself, maybe you want to check out the instructions first. If you are having them installed for you, prepare to pay for more shop hours than you might think.



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They look nice. Any advice on the install?



Like everyone else said, the drivers side is a real bear.


I pulled my master cylinder thinking that's all I needed. No dice.


I removed all of the nuts and the rod under the dash to pull the brake booster and it still wouldn't allow enough room to get it out. I put a crowbar behind the booster and pryed out on it and FINALLY was able to work the cover out with MUCH twisting and turning.


When I went to put the new cover on I loosened the bolts on the drivers side subframe (K-member) and dropped the engine down just a smidge. THAT did the trick. The cover went back in without any hassle at all.


There's only two bolts and two nuts on each side of the subframe. Just support the dr. side with a jack, remove the nuts/bolts and loosen on the pass. side.


You won't regret it.


And yeah, they DO look sweet.






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