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My first Random Shelby Sighting


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I had my first Random Shelby Sighting (RSS) over the weekend.


Back story: I was in Florida, on business, last week. I was supposed to fly home on Saturday. Due to the lack of deicing liquid in NYC and DC, my flight was one of the many canceled. The earliest they coul get me home was going to be today, but more realistically tomorrow or Thursday. So I rented a car and drove 1200 miles home.


In any event, I was cruising through Charlotte, NC when the RSS occured. 11 pm on 3/17, traveling north on I-77, in a slow down for an overturned SUV in the median, when a white on red coupe rolled by me in the left lane.


I wanted to post here in case it was someone from this site. It is the first one I've seen on the road that I didn't know who the owner is.

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Hey Orf,

I am on the road every day and have never seen a Shelby GT500 yet. However in January, I saw the Hertz GT350 two days in a row. The first was in Jacksonville, FL. The guy told me he rented it in Jax. The very next day, I saw one at the hotel I was staying in which was in Ft. Pierce, FL. The guy driving that one said he rented it in Ft.Lauderdale. Both of the guys said the car drove great. They are automatics. Hopefully my GT500 will be in soon and I will be cruising as I am very jealous right now.

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