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3 Women against Riot- Mob Destroys M5

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That made me absolutely sick to my stomach. When the one guy jumped on the roof of the car and caved it in, I almost threw up! I couldn't even watch the video all the way trhrough...it was making me too upset. When I'm not playing with the Shelby, I drive a M3. Seeing a M5 destroyed hits too close to home.


When I was in collage, I once was walking across the campus late at night, alone (I was coming back from a concert, and had dropped off my date at her dorm). Three guys came out of the shadows and surrounded me. I tried to talk my way out of any trouble, but one of them got behind me, and the other two rushed me. They knocked me to the ground, then picked me up (one each on my legs and the third one grabbed my arms) and started to carry me toward an even more secluded area. I managed to get one of my hands in my pocket and pull out my keys. I took one of the keys (the sharpest one) and slashed it across the wrist of the guy holding my other arm. I cut him pretty good. He yelled out in pain and dropped me. His buddies stopped and turned to see what the problem was, and I made my break. I ran as fast as I could, jumped some bushes, hid in the shadows, and eventually eluded the guys in the dark. I made it to my car, locked myself in, and caught my breath.


Why am I telling you this story? Well, as I started my car and drove to the exit of the parking lot. I saw the three guys standing in a small circle under a lamp post, laughing about what had just happened. and trying to see how badly cut the one guys wrist was. They were standing in one of the parking lot lanes, and were so wrapped up in joking with each other, they didn't notice my car approaching. I stopped, and looked at them. I seriously considered running down the group of them. I wondered if anyone was watching and if I would get caught. I wondered if I did get caught, how much trouble I would be in, or if it would be 'justifible'. I wondered how much damage I would cause to my car. I wondered if I should drive directly into the middle of them, or try and side-swipe them.


Then I came to my sences, and just drove past them on the way to the exit. They just weren't worth it.


However, if the M5 in this video was my Shelby, someone would have ended up in the hospital, even if that person was me. I couldn't just stand there and watch them destroy my car.


Now, if my family was with me, I would have no second thoughts about running into/over some one to save or protect them...that is "justifiablesenses".justifiable



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Thanks now I am in a pissed off mood after watching those idiots destroy that girls M5. I can't believe people would ever do such a F'uped thing most those idiots in that crowd probably take the bus everyday, if they owned a car they would understand the respect level to anothers vehicle. I will never get that kind of behavior.


I was proud of how tough those girls were, that one had NO fear and could kick some serious a$$.


I would have been killed if that would have been my SGT because I would have taken out as many as I could before the &hit hits the fan. Unless I was with my family than I probably would have just run.........just for Savannahs sake.



I still can't believe that happened and especially in our Northern neighbors land and all over a game.

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Can't say much, because what we're seeing is the result of certain political decisions over the past 40 years, so I'll just say its sad and disgusting!

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