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I just had a ride with Stig in my GT500 !!


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So here's the story :) :


We had some official streetracing event here in Warsaw/Poland. Many great cars, Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches, also classics and race cars.


The main attraction of event was a visit of a famous Stig from Top Gear - who revealed he's identity as Ben Collins.


The producers of event prepared race edition Audi R8 for him. He made a lap in front of 85 000 spectators, and came back to pit. Producers were surprised what happened. Later they told me, he said he don't like the R8 somehow. But... he saw a nice white GT500 parked in pits. He asked producers to find an owner and ask him if he could borrow his car. I am the owner... :)


So, within next few minutes I was with my car at start line passing keys to Stig, who asked me to ride with him (!). Hell, he's a genius behind the wheel!


After first set of rear tires and first of two show passes, he asked if he can drive it again. I replied that there are so many other great cars here he might want to drive - "why?" he said. "This one's perfect" - smiled.


Later on, Jamiroquai appeared at the event driving his Porsche 914. After that, he jumped to my Shelby and drove with Stig :)


Man, that Was a day! After that, in a TV interview Stig said this is one of his favourite cars, and this exact one is really great :)


BTW. check out his twitter:




Pics and videos here:



Watch from 1.35:

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Wow! That's amazing. What an honor to have your car singled out by someone who has experienced so many of the great cars the world has to offer. Very impressive. Did he scare the you know what out of you during the drive. I'm amazed that he has that high of an opinion of the Shelby. Makes me like mine even more. Great story and thanks for sharing.

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This is really an amazing story! I watch Top Gear once in awhile and this guy sure can drive. That he chose to drive your Shelby over some expensive exotics is absolutely great! This must have been quite an experience for you.


Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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that is too cool .... have someone like that take your car through the turns on a prof track .... how neat is that !!!!

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That is great! I have watched the GT500 review on Top Gear many times. They did not speak to highly of it then and even said that Stig lapped better in the 427R. Nice to see the truth come out.



Was that the British version or American version?

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HAH Awesome story man :)


Yeah funny that they pretty much bash everything that's made in America on that show (or at least Clarkson does) and the Stig chooses the Shelby over everything else... HAH!




British car shows tend to stereotype american cars a lot as being unrefined compared with the europeans. Here is another exemple



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Beyond everything else, he's just a cool, nice guy. Or rather, same as he called me "a fine gentleman" :)


After half of lap, he asked what mods I did to this car, cause he feels it handles better (billet control arms), and accelerates way cooler. He remembered that GT500 he drove was a very good car,but in his opinion -Roush handled better. With basic mods like mine he said this one may handle better than Roush... But he adviced me to look for better brakes and stiffer suspension if I'm going to drive on track. On the road it's enough.


I've talked to him about this unfortunate TopGear with GT500, I explained to him,that early production Shelbys had problems with faulty air filter which ended with low HP numbers (see Edmunds material).

He said,that after this day GT500 is definitely one of his favourites car :)


I also asked about Ford GT which, till that day, was my next car to buy. He spoke badly about it. Said it looks good,but doesn't handle well, and brakes a lot... Better buy '11 GT500, he said...


The ride was great! He has so much control over the car. He drives it just like he'd use it every day on the track. With ease and confidence. Driving with someone who drove hard almost (or every!) sports, exotic and exclusive car on earth, and hearing nice things about yours is... I just won't ever forget about it :) I'm so honored and proud about it...


Also, I have his autograph wit dedication on the dashboard,and in his book -will post it later (now I'm typing via phone). So many great things! Thank you all for nice words! It's feels good to share this experience with you, and have so nice feedback :) After all, a Legend spoke highly about all of our cars :)...

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