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Shelby GT500KR Rear Spoiler (2008-2009) install

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I'm not sure there is one available. Ford may have one, but I doubt there's a part number for it. The holes line up with the other factory rear spoilers. You can take your measurements off of those OR look on the underside of the trunk lid- there's a flat oval section that's meant to have the ~5/16" holes in them.

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Want to install Shelby GT500KR Rear Spoiler on my 08 SGT. The spoiler did not come with a template for the install. Where do I get this?



I set my spoiler down where I wanted to mount it then made outline with marking chaulk or tape making an outline from there I screw in the bolts then you can use touch up paint or anything that will transfer a mark on to the trunk lid. From there just lower the spoiler back down within the markings and when you lift it back up there should be the markings for the mount holes. I always go one size bigger on the mount holes incase of it not looking straight on the underside of trunk lid. I use fender washers which are wide washers and when tighten down it spreads out the stress making it alot stronger. Don't forget to use 3m tape also

If you feel you can't do this please ask the nearest girlscout !!! :hysterical:

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