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New Shelby Home

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Well it's not a palace or anything but it's all mine! Been wanting to build one of these for like EVER, and finally got the money put aside in the bank to build it. Started it in April and finished it last night, well I have not moved my "shop" out of my house garage into the new building but I finished putting on the last outlet plate and mopping the floor last night. :happy feet:


Installed 15 outlets on 7 circuits (lived with one damn outlet in my garage for 11 years, tired of not having enough) and 12 shop lights on 6 switches so i dont have to have them all on at one time if not needed. Decided to drywall and tape and paint it so that i would get more light reflection from the above lights, and wife came up with the Shelby wall, brilliant!


Well all said and done, 900 square feet of me space lol! The red baby is getting broke down to the frame and restored back up to factory new starting next week now that i have the room. and the blue one is just gunna keep making me giggle everytime i walk by it :hysterical: Oh and I hit 10k miles on Blue this weekend, I don't know how you garage queens do it!?!?! at all :headscratch:




So this is the center back wall the my wife took charge of:




she matched the blue pretty damn awesome! got the sign and banner as presents to put in my shop whenever i got one (no shark symbol at the top is a team symbol from work)







And the toys inside for first time before i start moving the "SHOP" stuff in this weekend:




Welp thats bout it. Lots more on photobucket but see one shop seen them all, but this one is MINE!!! :happy feet: lol Definitely a learning process, never did wiring let alone 600 feet of shop wiring and 110 feet of underground wiring. Never did drywall let alone smooth finishing drywall, but way cool experience learning to do it all on the fly.




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You must be single. My wife have it full of her crap before I would have a chance flip on a light switch......


Seriously, nice diggs! Congrats!




Laugh! I totally hear you on that one :hysterical: I think one of the biggest helping factors is now the attached house garage is going to be empty and ready to store stuff in! lol. But really, she spoils me so she pretty much wanted me to have my own home away from home as much as i did, she even got out there and helped out with ideas and work to make it extra cool :happy feet:


Time to go start moving my tools and benches in now, maybe put up a moved in picture or two later :victory:



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Very nice setup dude. It looks like you're just like me: your heart is beating for both, the old '68 Camaro and the new Ford's pony. In fact, my father had a brand new Camaro RS yellow 1969 back in 1969, so I love this model.


In my garage, I do have an homemade Volkswagen Calendar, a '69 yellow SS/RS Camaro clock on the wall, and my Shelby GT500 Ford's official certificate. Soon to be coming, some more Shelby poster I bought from ebay.


What are the dimensions of your garage ? Mine is 20' x 24' and for 2 cars it's not quite wide enough.....

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Yeah, totally agree with you lemarin, I'm not stuck on one choice or another. (well aside from domestic or import, just can't bring myself to buy an import!) I have always been into Camaros until the 2010 came out and I wanted to personally go to GM and punch the designer in the nose. Then there is the dollar to power thing, at any rate I love the 60s camaros and love the new stangs.


Mine is 24 deep 36 wide. My attached garage is 20 x 24 and i definitely hear you on that, not quite wide enough. Good to park 2 cars but thats about it. the extra 4 feet deep and the 12 wide is freakin awesome amounts of room.

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