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Favorite Sunglasses

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What are your favorite types of sunglasses? Either types you own or would like to own. I was not able to wear regular(non-prescription) sunglasses for many years.


I had LASIK in December, 2010 and now have a few good ones.....(kinda went crazy).


Oakley Tightrope

Oakley Minute 2.0

Maui Jim Kanaha

Bolle Venom


What do you like?

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I have these and love them. http://www.mauijim.com/kapena-4301.html


I had Lasik about 11 years ago and vision is still great.



I usually get Maui Jims or Revos. One good way to get them is if you get miles on your credit card it helps ease the pain when you loose them that way you can use the miles instead of cash.


I also have an another set of Maui Jims that have a titanium frame and I do not like them as much as do the Kapena's, the titanium frame fits too loose on my face.

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Whatever ten bucks gets me at Walmart.


If I buy an expensive pair I either break them or lose them. For some reason I've had the same pair of cheapies for seven years. :shrug:




I use a $6.00 pair I bought at a roadside kiosk near Indianapolis Raceway. I accidentally stepped on them last week but was able to re-install the one lens that came our and bend them back into perfect shape!

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I would bet that all you guys who buy cheap sunglasses never have had the Lasik procedure done? If you have Lasik you have to buy Polarized sunglassses or your eyes will really pay.


Trust me I think its stupid to spend $300 on a pair of sunglasses thats why I use my business miles to get them. I need them so if I had to buy a pair I still would.

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I get my sunglasses from the dollar store. :happy feet:


You have to be under 50? Or just have good genes?


After wearing progressives for almost 2 years, and having some skin cancer scares...I wear a hat in the sun (always) and am a firm believer in protecting my only set of God given peepers!! :superhero:

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