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Done to owner's "taste".....


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Now I dig flames, but I dig them on a '32 Ford three-window or maybe a '40 Ford coupe. Not an SGT......


But to each his (or her) own.



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I see this all the time when looking at car ads on Craigslist and elsewhere and I've decided that car owners who do this fall into one (or more) of three categories.


The guys who are convinced that they'll never sell their car


The guys who are so taken with their taste in paint jobs that it never occurs to them that someone might not share it


Idiots (many of whom fall into category two)


But personally, I've seen maybe one or two custom paint jobs that wouldn't stop me from even considering buying the car. And this SGT certainly doesn't fall into that category. I'd have to knock 5K off the price - the cost of getting it repainted.

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Yeah, that's really bad. The flames themselves look well done, but the placement and use on a SGT is disgusting. I'm not knocking the paint, but he's ruined the Shelby feel of it for me.


Now, this was done by Galpin Auto Sports on a 'regular' Mustang GT.





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Another unfortunate instance of someone defiling a Shelby. It's like there needs to be a rescue program to reach out and save and restore these back to a happy place! IT's Shelby abuse I tell ya!



if i ever hit the lottery im gonna make a full time job of this :superhero:

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We need an intervention program.:sos:

First to restoring the cars and then restoring the mental faculties (if at all possible :unsure:) of these people

so that they do not spread their illness to others.


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