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Territory Days - Colorado TS member spotted

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Every Memorial Day weekend in Colorado Springs CO we have what we call Territory Days. The city blocks off about 10 blocks of Colorado St. in Old Colorado (Springs) City and we have a festival of sorts. Arts & Crafts, a variety of food, bands on the main stage and a "Western Shoot-out" exibition.


I saw a guy standing in a food line wearing a black Team Shelby-2010 tee-shirt. A white guy, short dark hair parted to the side, light colored shorts and dark shades. I think he was with a young boy, maybe 5-7 years old.


I was tempted to go ask him who he was but decided it might be a little rude since he wouldn't know who I was (I was NOT wearing a TS shirt!). But now I regret not introducing myself so I'm trying to find out which of the TS members it was.


Were there any Team Shelby members at Territory Days that match this description? Just because he had the shirt doesn't mean he's a active forum member.....


FWIW, I picked up a "Ford Racing" light switch plate with a matching "Ford Racing" wall sign w/aluminum looking armor plate and the FRPP logo, a (New Mexico) Route 66 sign and a round Ford Racing "Flaming" sign for my garage (since I have more Ford Racing parts on my GT500 than any other single vendor).


My grandson also wanted and got a (yellow) Boss 302 sign so I've apparently got him hooked on Mustangs now too!



Does this person sound like you or anyone you know?


Just curious,

Phill Pollard - Co. Springs, CO

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Good job on promoting the blood line!


I try to avoid that area during the festival. LOL


I don't match that description, but am located in the Springs and would like to get your take on mods and compare notes.



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I don't match that description, but am located in the Springs and would like to get your take on mods and compare notes.






My personal e-mail is phill.pollard@comcast.net


Feel free to ping me and intro yourself. I have yet to meet ANY CoS Shelby or GT500 owners in The Springs.


I'm down in the South East corner of the springs in Soaring Eagles, the last homes you see on Powers before you cross Drennen/Milton E. Proby (on the right as you're headed south).


What area are you in and what color is your car. I see a Red w/white stripes GT500 (Gen 1) running around a lot, rain or shine but have never met the guy (always on Powers near 1st & Main Square).



I would enjoy a meet and greet sometime,

Phill Pollard

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Phill, thanks for the addy, just sent you an email.


I've seen a few GT500's in the Springs...seems they're always going a different direction than i am...


I plan on being at the Shelby fest in Morrison this Sunday, hopefully we can meet in person.


This Shelby has been a dream come true for me personally...so it's good to see i'm not the only neurotic one out there. lol


Thanks again,


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