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SVT/Shelby Certificate with new car purchase?

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I know of two things available for cost.


Certificate of authenticity / MY breakdown, $ 45.00 www.fordshowparts.com looks good but info hard to digest.


Deluxe Build Sheet, $ 46.00 www.shopfordgear.com 1 sheet of paper, uses your VIN #, lists all standard & optional equipment, will tell you your car is______ of _______ built in your MY.


I have both, thought the cert / MY breakdown was a waste of money........................the build sheet told me what I really wanted to know !!

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Ford SVT stopped giving away certs at no cost about 5-6 years ago. The good thing, is that you can now order them online for any SVT product going back to the '93 Lightnings, Cobras. It was a real pain back in the 90's, you had to prove ownership, etc. But then they did customize them with your name. Now it's just the general vehicle cert as shown in the link above. Get both the Shelby Cert and the SVT Cert for your records.


Idle, thanks for the link to the deluxe build sheets. I haven't seen that one before. Ford trucks back to 1947 and cars back to 1960, nice! Looks like I'll be ordering quite a few of those!

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