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How To Properly Store a Car

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I know I'm gonna take some S@#T for this! I have a 11' that is a garage queen and have a few questions on how to store it properly. I drive it about 10 miles a month and it hides in my garage the rest of the time. I am not doing this for resale as much as it's just my baby and I can't stand it being next to other cars on the road or in parking lots. Owning this car has been a dream for some time and now that it happened I taking extra care of it. I am looking for any suggestions or experience that y'all have had in keeping it from falling apart or rotting away from sitting so much. Thanks in advance and sorry I turned a bad ass car into a garage queen!post-31130-0-97158100-1306369080_thumb.jpg


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that is a sweet looking ride!


I have had my triple black '11 since March ---- 8 miles new, 46 miles from dealer(after it sat on showroom floor for two weeks because of poor weather), 17 mile ride with the wife, total of 70 miles ----- don't think it is ever going to stop raining.


The cars I have stored over the years have had a battery tender, full tank of gas, and change of oil before the 6 month winter layup. I have never experienced a problem with this setup. Had a Mustang in CarCraft magazine back in the 80's and did the same for it. It had a lot of mods ---- other cars I stored were Corvettes and had no issues ----


My brother in law has my '89 5.0 convert ---- He talked me into selling it to him in '95 ----- full tank of gas, disconnects battery (gets about 3 years out of a cheap battery) don't know about oil, has original tires on it---- had 13,000 miles on it when he bought it and now has 15,000.


More my info than answering what you asked


full tank, fresh oil(for long lay ups), battery tender


and that is my $.02


You will get a variety of opinions, but it the nitty gritty is it is your toy ----- play as you wish!!!!!!!!!



Oh. I did have mice get onto the engine on one of the vettes. that year I stored it on a garage carpet on the floor ---- usally store it on lift in garage

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Mouse traps in the garage are a must, particularly in winter. I also have a portable dehumidifier unit in there.


Don't apologize about it being a garage queen. It's your car; do whatever you want with it. Mine is two years old with 4,000 miles, so I don't drive it a whole lot, and it's in the garage most of the time. However, I have taken it to the track and driven it very hard, and it has seen rain and even light snow and plenty of Washington, DC traffic.

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I was the same way for the first two years. Last fall I started to loosen up a bit. I drove it more and even took it to the drag strip once. I still feel uncomfortable when I take it out in traffic or when I have to let it unattended in a parking lot. When I go to a restaurant I try to park it in an area where I can see it from inside.



This is my dream car, a car that I thought that I would never own, so it took some time to let go and drive it more often.



I have stored mine for 3 winters and did the following:



Wash and detail it.


Change the oil and filter


Fill the tank and add fuel stabilizer


Take it for a ride to get the stabilizer circulated in the fuel system


Connect the battery tender


I didn't do anything to the tire pressure.


Put dryer sheets on the floor in front of each seat, I was told that this would keep out the insects and rodents.


Finally cover it with its custom cover.



I read an article about storing cars, it said that you should not set the parking brake and should crack the window a little while storing a car for a long period. I do crack the window but I do set the parking brake.



I don't start it during the storage period, which is usually 4 months. Each spring it starts right up and runs great.

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i just bought a leftover 2010 gt500in april which now has 300 miles. It's alot of money to spend on a car and not take care of it. I totally understand. the roads here in nj are horrible. I cringe when someone gets in front of me. that being said, i also have an 03 anniversary cobra i bought new back in 03 and now has 12k on it. i would say battery tender a must, i still have the original battery in it and until this year the eye was green, now red. not bad for an 8 year old battery huh! start it a couple times a month and move it so the tires aren't in the same spot all the time. take a drive around the block. i always keep it in gear and have the brake on. has seen rain 3 times since new. shelby none so far.

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Not getting rid of the 03. The shelby is a nice cruiser but the 03 would smoke it in a heartbeat thanks to 19#'s of whipple. All these taxes and the roads here are 1 of the worst in the nation. If i lived in fl my car would prob have a few more miles. Good luck with your shelby.

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