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Mark Haines, CNBC Anchor

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For you financial sorts it is a very sad day.... :cry:


Mark Haines 65 died last night. I'm old school and this guy was an absolute classic. It will be hard to replace him in this technology filled world. He was the only anchor that had a stack of newspapers in front of him. While his guests and co-anchors all used laptops. He understood bonds. And he understood that while stocks make the news, bonds move the markets. He was often correct about market trends as a result of this understanding.


Why am I saying this?


Well, I feel a stewardship as I've spent the last 29 years of my life in the publishing industry. Working 20 years for the Wall Street Journal and the past 9 with Barron's. Both in print publishing and with network anchors. My days are filled with tv's and news broadcasts. I have worked through the years with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick , John Harwood and Dennis Kneale. Mark Haines was these folks mentor.


He called it the way he saw it. So rare these days. He wasn't afraid to call a fool a fool and to praise those that were deserving.. Financial Journalism will miss this guy. Haines was the trailblazer...


He was a patriot...


And last but not least, it was my understanding that he was an excellant father. When we pass remember the impact we had at work will be over shadowed by the legacy we pass to our children...


Thanks for letting me ramble and my apologies if I've offended anyone.



Mark Haines...






See link for more info...



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Condolances Gator for your loss...........



Thanks Mike...


This really hit me hard this morning. There I was doing laps in my pool, listening to CNBC Squak box (his show) via my outside speakers. I just stopped mid stroke.

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