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Lime Rock Grand Am Race


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Anyone going Mem Day weekend? I'll be there the whole time! The event includes a Sunday car show, in which I'll have my SGT if the weather is decent..... Want to see those Boss 302's win!!!! :happy feet:


Lime Rock

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Here's a couple of iPhone pics from yesterday, taken from my trackside campsite...I'll try to get more today...












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I put up what photos I have on Photobucket!


Pictures are of yesterdays ST and GS races, primarily. Also took a bunch at todays car show.


in the GS, Roush (red no. 61) came in 3rd behind two BMW's. They were running bumper to bumper at the end but the "Stang could not get by....


Check out the wrecked Mustang :(


Stupid Subaru driver messed up the polesitter's car, the Multimatic Mustang, (and his own) making a crazy pass (didn't work) :rant2:



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A good write-up on the event from RPM - and they got a picture of me! I am the guy in the photo above "A new spectator area just west of the bridge was added for 2011. Here a man watches the #50 Finlay Motorsports Boss 302R from above. :happy feet:



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