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MCA National Show - Jacksonville, Florida

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About a dozen or more Team Shelby members participated in the MCA National Show here in Jacksonville, Florida. I counted at least 8 SGTs, but there may have been more - the HEAT was brutal at 90+ degrees! Flying umbrellas, a four-wheel-drive "Mudstang", lots of nice people, and over 300 Mustangs of all vintages, (even a pre-production 1964!)!


Win/Place/Show results should be posted in the South Atlantic forum, and probably will be found on the MCA website soon!



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Link doesn't work


message is


"We're sorry, but the album you're trying to view is no longer available through this URL. Please ask your friend to share the photos again."




Hmmm, I'm on a government computer right now and it won't allow me to visit sites like that so I'll have to try it this evening when I get home and see the what the problem is, sorry. :angry22:

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