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Carlisle 2011 All Ford Nationals &Team Shelby Reunion


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The Northeast region has been very busy with organizing the Team Shelby Reunion at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals this year.


This is the show to beat all shows.

The grand-daddy of shows.

The show to put on your bucket list.

The show to tell your great grandchildren about.


Heck we'll get more cars in a single class than most large shows get total cars. This is THE show to be at no matter where you are from. We have cars coming from all over North America and Europe for that matter. We expect more than 3,000 Fords and several hundred Shelbys if it's pouring rain :hysterical: If it is good weather expect far more than that. There will be cars that haven't been displayed to the public in decades and the GT500KRs are putting on an awesome display of Kings. Team Shelby North East is also having a Shelby reunion of epic scale. Ford VIPs and top executives will be at the show as well as familiar names and executives from SAI :happy feet:


The Shelby trailer along with the new models including the GT350 verts and the 800HP SuperSnake will be present. Drag racing and other racing events will be held near by as well.


If you attend all 3 days of the show I can promise you that you still would not see the entire show. It's the biggest multi day all Ford show in the World!!


Please visit the North East region forum for more details and to see what you will miss by not going.


This is THE show to go to. See you in Carlisle!


Carlisle Ford Nationals



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