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Great Service From Wendy in Parts

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Needed a part for my SGT called this am got a trcking number just now...WOW!!!


Thanks Alot Wendy!!!


Dealer also called this am with my warranty letters for trunk they are in...


Just thought I'd post with how good the service was! Cheers!


GO SA!!!

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:blush: Thanks! Here @ SPP we want to keep all our customers happy, so we try to help them as much as we can! Thank you guys!



Many people who have had a bad day damaging their Shelby feel much better when Wendy helps them get back to normal with their special Shelby parts.

I've heard a lot of great stories.



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Jer & Jon thanks for the compliments! You guys are making me :blush: ! We all try to keep everyone happy! We are all part of the SHELBY family & is a pleasure to be able to help any member of this family! Again thanks & if there is anything I can help you guys with let me know.

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Today Wendy called me back and went out of her way to take care of me . Shelby has some great men and women working for them I'm glad I got my car from them .

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