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Shelby Themed S197

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the TS forums but I'm sure my car should fit right at home.
















I've been working on my daily driver for almost two years now. It went from bone stock boring V6 to a moderately quick street car, with a little help from some Shelby engineers of course.


List of Mods:

-GT/CS front and rear fascia

-Pypes GT take off tru-dual exhaust with off-road X-pipe

-FRPP 90mm intake with 3" MAF housing

-GT500KR shocks and struts with GT springs

-Cervini's Billet Grille with pony emblem

-Tru-Fiber GT-R hood

-Shelby GT hood pins


I plan on doing a 5.4l swap into this thing later this year so look forward to all these pony emblems to turn into cobras. B)

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Looks Great! have you thought of just adding a paxton at SA instead of a 5.4?



Thanks guys for the compliments!


I've been hearing that the Shelby Terlingua is perfectly balanced and the most stable at high speed due to the 4.0l being so light compared to the bigger 4.6l/5.4l. Though, what I really want to do is take the 61mm turbo kit that they make for the S197 GT from Hellion. That way I could either boost this V6 until it dies or add it to a V8 after I do a swap, either way I'm still more than happy with this car right now. :D

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