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CSX Cobra's in Iowa


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Hi I am looking for anyone in the state of Iowa that has a Cobra licensed in Iowa. My car CSX 6034 came from Planet Cobra originally. And it was titled as a 1965 Shelby Cobra. When i licensed the car here in Iowa it went through just fine. But a DOT Investigator showed up at my house telling me they were going to have to "retitle" my car as a replica because the system kicked it back out as a "non existant" 1965 VIN #. I have talked to a major at the Iowa DOT who tells me he will do his "due Dilligence" and his "homework". But so far he thinks it cannot be licensed as a Shelby because someone might try to pass it off as an original Shelby produced in 1965. I assured him that, was the reason why these cars have the CSX number, and why they are registered. But he has no clue. I am afraid i am going to end up with the most expensive Cora replica on the planet. I told him to just do a VIN # search, and i was sure he would find more Cobra's licensed in Iowa. If anyone can help, or has any idea's please let me know. Thanks Kelly 515-418-7525

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