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To Ponies in the Poconos Attendees


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To fellow members who attended this week's event at Pocono Raceway, I took the opportunity during downtime (when NOT setting tack records) to take some pictures I'm beginning to sort-through.


I rattled-off some 900 shots in all. If you were on the track Friday, I can all-but-guarantee at least I have at least a handful of pictures of you. The challenge now turns to cataloging them for sharing.


If you were in attendance at the track on Friday and would like me to (soon) to be able to break-out pictures that include you, your vehicle and others that may be like it, please PM me with the following:


1) Your TeamShelby ScreenName

2) Year, Make, Model, Trim and Color of your car.

3) Tag/License Plate

4) Track ID Number (written on your windshield).

5) Any particular keywords you'd like to be associated with your particular car/image for later reference - which may allow you to find images of other similar cars or other owners of similar cars to find images of yours.


Also, please provide the following OPTIONAL information - as I will eventually be posting them through Flickr (or an equivalent host) and the teamshelby.com forums may not be the best or most direct method of communicating with you links to the entire compendium and your particular images.


6) Your 3D-world name

7) E-Mail address

8) Any special requests. I'll accommodate what I can.


















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Screen name: Nat Zio 1965 Shelby Cobra CSX 4803 Blue with white stripes. #15 E-mail address ziocontracting@yahoo.com Any pictures that you can send to my E-mail would be greatly appreciated . I was the only cobra at the event so I should be easy to find. Thanks Zio

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