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2007 GT500 Clutch


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Just received the last item on my "bucket list" a gorgeous 2007 GT500 with only 1700 miles. I've only driven 30-40 miles since it came off the Reliable Transport truck and it was absolutely love at first sight.


I'm a gym rat and in pretty good shape for a 62 year old guy. The car has the balance of the 5yr/60,000 mile power train warranty.


Can you get the "thigh crunching" clutch replaced under the existing warranty? I certainly can live with it but I've driven the 2010 and 2011 GT500's with the newer clutches and the drive around town is like day and night?


BTW, so thrilled to be a member of this great community.


Thanks in advance for your advice.



Shelby 005.jpg

Shelby 013~.jpg

Shelby 005.jpg

Shelby 013~.jpg

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