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SA can we get some gym bags?

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SA, Robert, or Sharon,


Is there anyway you guys can make a Shelby style gym bag? Not any car/style specific just a well rounded sturdy bag displaying the Shelby American brand and oh maybe add a American Flag would also be a nice touch. Anyone else out there agree? :rockon: I mean it can be used for traveling, gym, or just lugging our car detail equipment for shows.


Here are some logos to keep everything simple. Any other ideas, post up. :dance:





What style bag would ya'll go for? I like the rugged look :salute:












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A gym bag would be great! I have been thinking of changing mine out and getting one from our local Ford dealer with the Ford Logo. Rugged looking and 29.99


If a Shelby gym bag is coming out, perhaps I will wait. I use mine several times a week, going to the gym and on trips like Shelbyfest last weekend.


Let's make it happen


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That would be nice especially if they had the styling of the Shelby luggage. happy%20feet.gifhappy%20feet.gif




+1 on that, however I do like the "Earning Our Srtipes" version. So something not as fancy or pricey as the luggage. I actually like the duffle in the Shelby luggage, but don't want to purchase the entire set to get it. I like the Under Armour bag pretty well. Something $50 or less?

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I haven't seen the luggage in the Shelby store in a while. Where did that go anyway? I would have bought the duffel and small travel case if they sold them separately. They could come up with several different size bags. I could use a few myself. They could add a whole "travel" section to the store with all kinds of bags, suitcases etc. I would really like to see a laptop case with the ShelbyGT logo or snake on it.

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You are right, now a days most people fly light and would rather carry a bag than a full luggage for quick small trips.



If u want to travel really light, here you go http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Mustang-Shelby-GT500-Shoulder-Clutch-Bag-Purse-HOT-/280670258538?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item415940456a :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:




Anywho, i did this duffle style bag





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I like the rugged, but would take whatever we get.





Your going to be sorry for saying that!!!






Here ya go fellas...................after many weeks of maket research we have finalized the new gym bags!!!!! Only $29.99, get yours today. Hurry!!!!! only 50 will be available for sale!!!!!!!






Gym shoes not included,

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Yes, we are doing this. ;)








Yeah.............I did all the hard work for ya!

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i carry a Ralph Baird Motors Gym bag in my trunk with all of my detail rags and spray,, and that odd screw driver and 1/4 inch socket set

and my tuner ,,,,,,:drool:


pretty dang handy to all my trunk goodies in one bag, to toss out at the track, or at a car show :hi5:


a Team Shelby bag would look great in my trunk

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