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Wheels & tires

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Last year i purchased a new set of MHT wheels for my 2009 Shelby GT500. 20x9 up front and 20x10 in the back wrapped around Falken FK452's. No issues last year with tires issues. This year i installed the JLT pulley kit and exhaust. Last week the Lh rear tire would lose air every time the car was driven hard. I increased the rear tire psi to 50 and still are having an issue. This week i took the wheel off and sent it to Dunn Tire because i had purchased everything from them. They checked the tire and even dunked it in a tub of water, no leaks found. Tonight driving the car to dinner without driving hard, the tire started losing air again. I have indexed the tire and it doesn't seem to be slipping on the wheel. Please help!!!!!

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Bottom line is, you have a leak somewhere.

Remove the wheel and inspect it yourself. Make sure there isn't a nail or screw in it. The only thing it could be is the valve stem, or valve. Make sure the valve stem is not cracked and make sure the valve is tightened and free of debris.

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I had a similar issue for nearly 1.5 years (although I only had to fill mine up once a week), and finally found the small ass screw causing it. Good luck.

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