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METHANOL, is it worth it? is it safe?


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so im about to do a basic methanol injection system on my '09 GT500 and have a couple questions. my car has jlt/pulley/tune and soon to be without cats. it is very very hot and humid where i live so i thought this would be a good way to keep her cool


1) Is this is a good idea / will it actally have any affects?


2) is this safe? (for the car, not going to wear parts out fast)


Any info / comments / opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all the help!!

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no one runs meth on their cars?



I think one person on here does. You need to post that question in the Mod section also in the GT500 section never heard any bad things about it. My buddy back in high school in 1983 made a set up for his carb big block it made a big difference.


Good luck

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