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...exactly! there's a lot of things in the Shelby store that i want to add my list. maybe I can't afford them or buy them right now but I want to keep track of what I want to buy. I don't want an item to be out of stock just to be able to add it to a list.. We need the "add to wish list" link back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The name has changed to "notify when item is back in stock"




Why can't we still keep track of the items we want without them being out of stock? i like to be able to have a list of all the things I want and choose from that list what I want the most to order at that time.

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Maybe I'm just weird....but "notify me when item is stock" doesn't mean "add item to wish list"


at least it works i guess.



"Notify When Back In Stock" does not mean the item is out of stock. It is also misleading until you figure it out and does not link the the notification request at all. I tried it today for the GT500 shifter. Like others mentioned takes you to the wish list. If the item is "really" out of stock, you will get a banner saying so when you attempt to add it to your cart. I think the webmaster needs to do a little work on the site.


It took me a while to figure this out at Easter. Every item you select comes up with the link for "Notify When Back In Stock" and this is on every item in the store. This led me to believe nothing was in stock so I didn't order anything for a while. Yeah .. I know but non the less, it was confusing until I realized that message really means "add to wish list"

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