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Anyone done sound insulation?

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I just received my Shelby Kicker system to upgrade from a Shaker 500. I was thinking about maybe sound insulating the doors and trunk with Damplifier Pro along with the installation of the Kicker system....has anyone done this? Any advice? I never worked with the stuff before - is it difficult to work with?



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I did my complete trunk and under the rear seat and like OCD said, it's pretty easy going. It's easier to apply when it's warm so leave the sheets out in the sun while you're working on it. I bought the little roller thing to help apply it with. It probably wasn't necessary. You'll love the way it'll make your stereo sound.

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Hey guys


Thanks a bunch. The info is really helpful and the links to older threads has pics and info too! I think I will be going with about 50sq/ft of Damplifier pro and 3 sheets of LLP liner material. That should cover the doors, trunk, trunk lid and maybe under the rear seats. I will post some pics as I working through this over the next month or so :-)



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