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Hotrod cams on Shelby GT 2008 problem


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I cant get a new tune because i have a wrong strategy code in my car its FOASCB7 and they havent seen this before at SCT.

I have put new hotrod cams and ford racing inlet and 62mm throttle on it.

Has anybody done this and get new tunes?

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What tuner are you using? Or do you not have one yet? Very likely, the strategy on the white tag on your computer, is not the strategy which is actually there. At least that was the case with my 2006. Shelby changed the strategy from stock when they made their upgrades. I'm not sure if that's the case or not on your 2008. Anyhow once you have your tuner, you can plug that in and it will give you the correct strategy on your car to use as stock. Once I got my SCT tuner from Bama Chips, I then plugged it in to get my proper strategy to let Bama know. They then sent me the tunes via e-mail to update the tuner based on that strategy. I would start with the strategy from El Shelby above, and then once you have your tuner, if that is not the proper one on your car, then they can just send you updated files based on that. The number you provided in the first e-mail above, just does not look right to me. Most of the 2005+ strategies are only 6 digits to my knowledge, but I could be wrong.


PS, I'm loving my Hot Rod cams.

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