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FS: KR Original Seat Covers and Padding


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As most of you know I did the interior upgrade on my KR early on. I have the original set of seat covers, head rest covers and pading with less than 200 miles on them. Now that I traded my KR, I have no need for them.


Email me if interested: LJABELLON@BELLSOUTH.NET


Asking: $650.00 If interested Email me an offer!


Thank you,


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From what I've seen, GT500/GT500KR seat skins sell between $300 & $600 with the premium going to the skins with the red insert. I'm afraid the fact that your skins come from a KR doesn't carry much if any additional value. The Shelby Store was selling their left over skins and pads for $350. In fact, they still have 2010-11 skins and pads availible at that price.


I'm not trying bash, just trying to give you a base to work from.


You might look into picking up some cheap, used Mustang GT seats, switching out your skins and having them turned into office/desk chairs. I would assume you could score a premium from a current KR owner with very little cash invested. Just throwing ideas at the wall.


Good luck.

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