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Pretty sexy kit for 05+ Mustang body -

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I usually don't like major body additions, but this one is kind of nice? Makes it look really retro.


What do you guys think?


Thanks for the post, I like it! Probably weighs a ton but sure taps that retro feel. Not gonna go on my beloved Shelby though, but a GT like they used is sweet!



Looks pretty cool. Definitely Retro. Maybe somewhere along those lines for 2009! I would say a few changes but off to a great start with this.


I dont think Ford could produce a car with no quarter windows, I'm fairly sure they are federally mandated. Maybe someone here knows for sure. There might be a work around using a aftermarket shop like Roush or Saleen, but i dont think wouldnt be legal right from Ford. Sure would be pretty though. Ford needs to put cameras in the mirror pods and then they could do what they want because a wide angle camera could see back their.


Im guessing that in the next few years you will see collision detection on cars, it wont let you change lanes if a sensor detects a car or obstruction there. Mercedes has something like that built into its cruise control for in front of you i believe already. Dont know how well it works.



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