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2011 Shelbyfest in Hermann, MO-VMP TVS Blower installs


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I traveled over 1000 miles from Florida with the VMP Mobile Dynojet in tow to be at the 2011 Shelbyfest event in Hermann, MO http://shelbyfest.net/ (April 28th-May 1st.) With the help of BJ (VNMOUS1) and Kyle Caraway (even founder), we pre-arranged Five VMP TVS blower installations and dynotunes at the event at Hermann Ford on Friday and in Downtown Hermann on Saturday (where the show takes place). I also installed a few Afco Dual fan heat exchangers, and still had time for a few dyno-runs on Saturday afternoon.


I'm definitely looking forward to going back next year.








You can read more about the event in some of the following threads:



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I can't tell you how much we appreciated you coming to the show and help making this years Shelbyfest one of best shows to date. You performed an invaluable service to everyone, including myself, and created a great display of horsepower. I myself is looking forward to you coming back again next year.


Now a little background on the service Justin and his crew helped me out.


When I picked up my car from the detailer on Friday, I noticed that it was not running up to par. It was missing and sputtering and the exhaust was not smelling like it should. I put fresh gas in it and ran it a while but to no avail. I talked to Justin Saturday morning and let him know what was going on with the engine. His immediate recommendation was to change out the plugs. I asked him if he had a set and if he could install them and he did have a set. BJ was there and he installed them for me since I was busy getting people setup for the show. I stayed around long enough for BJ to install them on the passenger side and all of them were black. Before I left for a few hours, I ask Justin to if he could tune the car for me since I had to lead the cruise Saturday night. I came back to the area just in time to see my car on the dyno and Justin in there tuning it. He found out that there was too much fuel being allowed and there was too much timing to help create more HP. I guess this is the way that some people advertise more HP and it creates an unsafe condition on the engine. The car had 585RWHP when it was pulled on to the dyno. After Justin got done, I had 573RWHP. I am not very sad that I now have less HP because I know it now has a safe tune on the car.


Thank you so much Justin for rescuing me when I needed it.


Greg Howe

Shelbyfest Vendor Manager

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