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BJ SGT without Red Stripes?


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If you look closely, he has gray top stripes on it. The owner probably changed them for a more subdued look. The side stripes are gone though.


The sill plates and rear cap is unique to the car, but there's no picture of either of them.


$65,000 seems ridiculous to me.

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SGT BJ for sale in AZ... but without Red Stripes? :headscratch:



The Shelby GT cars are now 3-4 years old and you're going to see owner changes to the majority of them. Someone has changed the stripes along with the console lid and has added Shelb'ys autograph to the dash of this car. And that's just what we can see in the pics.


Basically owner modified cars are the norm so always ask questions of the owner before accepting what you see in pics. And I'm sure all Shelby owners wish the seller the best on the $65k price.



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If you go back about a year or so, you'll remember all the issues I had when Earnhardt Ford shipped my car with silver stripes dealer installed and didn't tell me. I know from speaking to the management that they also installed dark grey stripes on one of their other SGT/BJs. Why was this done, stripe failure in the Arizona sun.


Steve can you check the secret book with the production info and verify this was the one. I have CSM 2290, this car was 2291.


I actually liked the silver stripes and several of my friends told me not to fool with changing the color back to red, but then it in my humble opinion would not have been a SGT/BJ. I liked the original red stripe package better though.


One other note, there were only 14 automatic coupes produced in the BJ run of SGTs.



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