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Why does SVT light up in rev counter

Trevor Allan

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I am not talking about the arrow shape that indicates a gear shift , and also it is the logo in the speedo not the rev counter as first mentioned



The arrow tells you to shift up and the logo is at the rpm the shift should occur.

If I recall correctly both are adjustible.

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The "SVT" light is an adjustible shift light. Take a look in your owners manual.


Speaking of Octane, what octane rating do you put in your car ?

I put what is called 98 octane in NZ , which i have been told is equal to 95 in USA , it is the higest octane avaiable here , one company includes 10% ethonal but have been advised to stay away from that as it is not as pure

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I believe the arrow is for optimum mileagehysterical.gif. The SVT is an adjustable shift light. I think it is factory set at 6250RPM which is redline. superhero.gif



Mine came (default) with the SVT light "ON" all the time. I didn't know it could be used as a shift light until I read the owners manual.


I had to change it to "Shift Light" mode and set the RPM it would come on at. That and a high pitched noise that drove me nuts before I discovered it's a audible shift indicator!


And yer right, the "UP ARROW" is meant to give you optimum mileage. It's basically a indicator of intake manifold vacuum.


To the OP: RTFM!!!




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