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which ones is worth it

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Ok I have the roushcharger on my Shelby




Already have the pulley and idler package this added a lot with a new tune very pleased.



im looking at

duel fuel pumps

OD Balancer 10% overdrive 6 rib

62mm throttle body

a new tune of course


Ok out of those would you rank which you would get first?



I also have a KR replica hood coming

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I would definitely get the dual hat fuel pump first. If your stocker goes haywire, you just wasted a lot of money on your other mods and you get to start over. Just sayin.


+1 on fuel pump.

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Lets say I just forget it and add them all to the what I have already done. Do you all think it would be worth the price tag? $1600






I have the pulley package with the 90mm idler pully and CAI and Justins tune and I am so pleased but figured hey a lil more couldnt hurt

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The booster pump you're probably using will only provide a limited amount of additional fuel for the boost. This is why we're recommending the dual pumps, which can provide a lot more fuel when you decide to crank up the boost, like with a smaller pulley.


Be sure to post pictures of that hood.

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