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2010 GT500 Suspension Modifications Issues

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Fellow members:


I have a 2010 convertible GT500 and besides doing some associated supercharger upgrades that add serious hp gains, I need to change my attention to some upgrades on the suspension to make it as rigid as the 2010 coupe big brother. I know that the vert has softer suspension (shocks/springs, etc.) and greater tire profile (18" wheels vs 19" on the coupe) in order to produce the gentler ride. Well I don't want the gentle ride so what do I do first w/the suspension upgrades. I just upgraded to 20" Foose Legend SS black wheels w/ Nitto Invo tires staggered 255 front 285 rear. So the shorter profile on the 20's will yield a stiffer sidewall over the stock 18 inch wheel/tire combination. Next I did the 2.6 pulley and associated tune. Since all OEM suspension works in unison, I don't want to upgrade one component, and it affects another in a deleterious way. I may be just chasing my tail . How and what do I need to make the suspension identical to the vert's brother coupe?


Or what mod or mods do I do first?


Starting the first mod w/the pulley and tune makes you want more!!! I hope this doesn't turn out ot be a Veyron!!!


Thanks for the cont'd help on this forum; I enjoy it.



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