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Recommended Shop in Phoenix Area for GT500


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Hi everyone


I need some advice relating to the Phoenix area and having mods done to my 08 GT500 (east side).


I attempted to have the dealer install all of this while in for the clutch TSB but lack of communication skills on their part and my being down sick while they had it meant nothing happened. Top that with less than acceptable care taken of my car while there, I would rather take it to some place else that is recommended. The dealer is a good one and really took care of me with the warranty work but just fell short of my expectations caring for my car and I would rather someone else do the remaining work. It will be out of the 3/36 warranty in late May so from this point on I want a dependable shop for its continued care.


I am wanting 3.73 gears installed and a short throw shifter (Ford racing, Shelby or MGW) still on the fence with the choices. I don't plan on racing the car but want something better than the factory shifter. I am also going to install the FRRP CAI but I can handle that one easily myself. My Doc says no more restorations and learn to let someone else do the big stuff for a while. So rather than chance ending up back where I was, I need someone I can trust to do the mods right the first time. At least he said I can still wash the thing myself LOL ..


Thanks in advance for your help.

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